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English Speaking Courses

Now a days, English is a Global language and a means of communication in almost all the areas like Education, Banking, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Science & Information Technology. All the major books literature, Encyclopaedias are now available in English only. Now in 21st century English is indispensable. Therefore, to be successful in any area, one has to be proficient with English.

Our prolonged study has found that a majority of youths, although having higher academic qualifications, are unable to speak English very fluently and therefore they cannot represent their knowledge, thoughts, views etc and share their experiences with others and they can't develop or even maintain new/old relations with others & thereby they are unable to exploit new job opportunities, as a result of which they suffer from inferiority complex

But we firmly believe that everybody can speak English very fluently

Ample oral practice of talking in English is given
Constant efforts in improving the vocabulary are made
Basic English grammar / structures are used in day-today situations
Presentation technique, Interview skills are shared by experienced personalities.
Audio visual aids are used while teaching English Language by highly experienced and devoted teachers.
We are proud to say that all above Latest Technology of English Teaching are available in our English Speaking Academy at very reasonable rates. In addition, in order to groom the personality of our students a lecture on personality development is organized by us totally Free of cost.

Courses Content: